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The Technological Revolution for ESE

The Technological Revolution for ESE

The education landscape is changing. Children today are getting more access to technology at younger ages than children from just five years ago. As a Learning Academy in Florida, we are trying to keep up with the pace of change lest our clients – our children, get left behind.

Even though we provide Exceptional Student Education, kids under our care need to adapt to a highly computer-driven world. For this reason, our learning programs leverage the available technology we have today. For instance, our grade 9 to 12 students are learning with interactive lessons through the new PFx learning experience.

We also seek to develop the skills they need to participate and compete in an increasingly digital economy. For instance, we are providing regular typing lessons for all students in all grade levels, including kindergarten. When they start learning to type at a young age, they become more proficient as they grow older.

We believe in children and their strength and desire to learn. If you are looking for a School in Longwood, Florida, that has Small Class Sizes and caters to the needs of children with learning disabilities, Inspire Learning Academy might be right for you. Please contact us, and we’ll discuss your options with you.

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