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Welcome to Inspire Learning Academy

Our campus serves children in need of academic, social or behavioral interventions to help make them more successful in class. We provide specialized ESE services paired with positive behavior supports. Our program provides accommodations based on individual needs, but we encourage students to reach their full potential in all areas of academics.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Penn Foster and their regionally and nationally accredited high school core curriculum courses. WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING ENROLLMENT FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021!

Inspire Learning Academy does not tolerate abuse in any way shape or form. All staff have a duty to report. If you know or suspect that a child under the age of 18 is being abused or neglected, or is at risk of being abused or neglected, you are required to report that to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

  • Telephone: ‚Äč1-(800) 96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873)
  • TDD: 1-(800) 453-5145
  • Fax: 1-(800) 914-0004

What We Do Services We Offer

We provide a transitional process for students to grow from elementary to middle school and beyond. We seek to provide a small and intensive learning environment where students can acquire the skills needed to excel in areas they previously struggled.


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Inspire Learning Academy Our Mission Statement

Inspire Learning Academy will teach your child how to enjoy learning, how to embrace their otherness, and how to make their light shine.

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