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Welcome to Inspire Learning Academy’s Services Page. We offer several unique programs and services for our students. And with all the changes this new school year has brought, we have taken extra steps to ensure a great school year for everyone. ILA’s founder, Stacie Gause has developed a wonderful online curriculum to bring to our students that is both in-class and at home. This virtual experience has been carefully designed to help each student with their educational needs.

Along with our educational plans, Inspire Learning Academy includes physical & technical activities into our program; such as music lessons and karate. By coupling these programs; we are able to help facilitate growth of mind and body in our students. See all services we provide below.

Safety Procedures

Along with our the new virtual platform; we at Inspire Learning Academy have taken extra precautionary steps to provide a safe, healthy and happy learning environment for our staff and our students. We have implemented santizer stations on campus and hands free temperature checks along with many other safety measures.

Services Offered:

  • -ESE teacher
  • -Positive Behavior Therapy
  • -Speech Therapy
  • -ABA Therapy

We also offer specialized services

  • -ESE
  • -Small instruction groups

ILA provides many other services.
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But wait, there’s more…

Karate Lessons

Champion Karate of Winter Park helps our students learn how to control their mind, body, and attitude. We offer different levels for karate every 8 weeks. It has been shown to help decrease anxiety and hyperactivity while increasing focus and attention.

Piano Lessons

children playing piano

Our students learn the piano during our music lessons. We implement different genres of music during our classes. And students get to learn the different musical instruments families.

Bowling Lessons

kids playing bowling

Inspire Learning Academy is now offering bowling lessons in addition all our other awesome activities. Bowling lessons are conducted twice a week as an extension of Physical Education class (P.E.)

Field Trips

kids walking

At Inspire Learning Academy we believe in combing in class teaching as well as in the community learning. Our field trips provide many opportunities to our students such as social time with other typical students.

Special thanks to our business partners, who are a large part of what helps us make our mission possible. Check out their websites to see more.

1 Up Martial Arts is a vehicle for character development and self improvement. Our top priority is guidance and offering students support along with the structure and tools needed to reach new heights. Read more

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During music therapy, the whole brain is stimulated by musical elements, such as rhythm, dynamics, and tempo, using familiar songs and repetition. At Joyful Music Therapy, individual and group sessions involve participating in acoustic and recorded music at the level comfortable for each person. Read more