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Balancing School Work and Play for Students


Similar to how work can be stressful to adults, schoolwork and academics can be stressful for children too. Children need to strike a balance between schoolwork and play for them to enjoy their childhood. As a school in Longwood, Florida we advocate for parents to get involved in ensuring their child’s balanced schedules.

It is also important to note that a stressed child is more prone to obesity and mental illnesses due to stress, anxiety, and depression. Here are some tips we recommend to the parents in our learning academy in Florida:

  • Be aware
    Ask how play is part of your child’s school day, and how much time students are given for free play indoors and outdoors.
  • Advocate
    Discuss with teachers how teaching can also be done through play and how it is important to have longer or more recess time for children. This is also empowering for teachers when they make positive changes with the support of families.
  • Plan
    Integrate unstructured free playtime in your child’s schedule such as visiting public parks, museums, and adventure playgrounds.
  • Participate
    Join them in their play and organize events such as family board game nights.

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