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Inspire Learning Academy will teach your child how to enjoy learning, how to embrace their otherness, and how to make their light shine.

Our School

group of students participatingInspire Learning Academy began providing direct instruction in very small classroom sizes in May of 2017. We specialize in finding motivation or academic deficits and work hard to increase both areas. Our belief in positive behavior support is our guiding method for getting our students to want to do. We welcome prospective parents to tour our facility and get a firsthand look at how small but effective our classroom environments are.

We provide a transitional process for students to grow from elementary to middle school and beyond. We seek to provide a small and intensive learning environment where students can acquire the skills needed to excel in areas they previously struggled. We want our students to be able to have opportunities to recognize and use their full potential. We will accomplish this goal by increasing confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

We offer Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. Our students receive weekly Music, Martial Arts, and Creative Art instruction.

What Makes Us Different

We have certified ESE teachers with behavior therapy experience. Our students receive positive behavior supports during the day to help motivate them to succeed! We understand how to bring learning to an individual level instead of grouping all learners and expectations into one. Our students receive Executive Functioning Training to help them learn and use organization strategies that generalize from school to home.